All-inclusive V2X Testing & Certification Solutions

DEKRA All-inclusive V2X Testing & Certification Solutions
DEKRA All-inclusive V2X Testing & Certification Solutions

Be One Step Ahead, Seize the Trend and V2X Business Opportunities

According to the most updated report of Precedence Research, by 2027, the automotive V2X market size is expected to be worth around USD 12.93 Billion. TrendForce also estimated that by 2025 the connected vehicles will reach 80% of all sales amount of the cars in the world.
Since the commercialization launched in Taiwan in 2020, Taiwan made a big leap forward with the smart transportation, the government also announced that year 2021 will be “the era of Taiwan V2X Industry Alliance”. As the world’s largest vehicle inspection institution, which focuses on the V2X testing services in recent years, DEKRA, which headquarters is located in Stuttgart, Germany, has made huge investment for the V2X testing instruments in Taiwan. At the moment, DEKRA is the only laboratory in Taiwan that provides testing of two largest communication V2X technologies DSRC and C-V2X, also launched exclusive eCall testing in Taiwan.
DEKRA All-inclusive V2X Testing & Certification Solutions help you to be one step ahead, as well as to seize the trend and V2X business opportunities!
Service Scope of DEKRA All-inclusive V2X Testing & Certification Solutions:
chips, components, modules, terminal equipment and products, telematics boxes, GPS products, road side units, smart transportation systems, traffic controllers, signal controllers, license plate recognition systems, image sensors, LiDAR systems, etc.
Service Items of DEKRA All-inclusive V2X Testing & Certification Solutions:
1. [Exclusive in Taiwan] Testing for eCall device which is in force by EU for all new cars sold within the EU
  • EU 2017/78
  • EU 2017/79
  • EN16454 Conformance Testing
2. [2 Major V2X Communication Technologies] DSRC Testing (Based on IEEE 802.11p)
  • FCC Part 95 (OBU) .FCC Part 90 (RSU)
  • ITS-G5 (CE EN302 571)
  • OmniAir Certification
3. [2 Major V2X Communication Technologies] C-V2X Testing (Based on 3GPP Rel-14 LTE-A Pro & Rel-15 5GNR)
  • FCC Part 95 (OBU), FCC Part 90 (RSU)
  • CE EN302 571
  • GCF WI-281(V2V), WI-282(V2X)
  • 5GAA PC5/Uu track and laboratory testing
  • OmniAir Certification
4. Evaluation and Testing of Functional Safety and Cybersecurity
  • [The Only One Functional Safety Partner of Bosch] ISO 26262 Road Vehicle Functional Safety Evaluation and Testing
  • [The Only Principal Assessor Team in Taiwan] Automotive SPICE Software Process Improvement and Capability Determination Evaluation
  • [BMW’s Approved Partner] ISO 21434 Cybersecurity Evaluation and Testing
  • [BMW’s Approved Partner] ISO/CD 24089 Road Vehicles - Software Update Engineering Evaluation and Testing
5. [More than 20 Years Professional Experience] AE / EMC / RF Testing
6. [More than 200 Countries] Global Market Access Service to speed up entry into global market
7. [Considerate Service] Value-added and Customized Service: failure analysis, improvement suggestions and solutions, etc. We offer the most suitable one-stop solutions according to your needs.
DEKRA provides the All-inclusive V2X Testing & Certification Solutions, should you have any inquiries, please don’t hesitate to fill out the online contact form below, we will do our utmost to serve you sincerely!