BSMI Certification

DEKRA laboratory is the recognized testing laboratory accredited by BSMI; We was audited by TAF and BSMI every year. It now has over 10 years of service experience and is continuing to help customers acquire BSMI certifications. DEKRA was qualified for advanced on-site review in 2007 where BSMI arranges reviewer to the laboratory every week to review cases in advance. DEKRA was able to discuss certification testing service with BSMI personnel in real-time, and quickly receive certification testing service information, allowing customers who applied for BSMI certification to receive their certifications more efficiently, providing quick and professional certification services.
Product service range and items
  • Information technology equipment:Notebook computers, tablets, servers, optical drives, internal/external hard drives, desktop computers, computer monitors, All in one computers, 3C chargers, advertising screens, mobile power bank digital recorders, scanners, digital cameras, mouse, PCI cards, power adapters, sound cards, flash drives, power supplies, main-boards, graphic cards, printers, keyboards etc.
  • Audio, video and similar electronic apparatus:TV, set-top-box, DVD player, multimedia player, stereo, speakers, amplifiers etc.
  • Household appliance:Water dispenser, blender, automatic sweeping machine, automatic vacuum cleaner, induction cooker, hair dryer, electric fans and ozone generator etc.
  • Automotive products:Satellite navigator, driving recorder, car stereo, car accessories etc.
  • Mobile device product:Notebook computer, tablet, mobile phone, headphone, wireless network card etc.
  • Telecommunication device product: Telephone set, network hub, network switch, network bridge, router, network card etc.
  • Lighting product:LED light, table lamp, desk lamp, floor lamp, chandelier, ceiling lamp etc.
  • ISM product:Signal generator, measurement receiver, frequency counter, flowmeter, weighing machine, chemical analysis equipment, electron microscope, industrial induction heating equipment, medical equipment etc.
  • Other electrical product: Thermal storage radiator, personal thermal electric appliance, other electric warming devices for bedding and other similar furniture, UPS etc.