The automotive industry faces different challenges today than it did just a couple of years ago. Cars have become very sophisticated pieces of technology. They need to be tested, not only to comply with international standards, but also to guarantee the safety of their users. As we move into the future, the importance of safe and sustainable mobility will become increasingly pressing. This century’s leading technological developments are making mobility more connected, more automated, and more energy efficient. Innovations both inside and outside the vehicle will create intelligent mobility systems that make driving smarter and safer.
At DEKRA, we are your reliable partner in the automotive sector for the entire vehicle life cycle and vehicle infrastructure: from the development phase and reliability testing to homologation and quality assurance. Whether you are working on a prototype, a pre-series or a custom model, DEKRA tests and certifies complete vehicles as well as its separate parts through a network of six laboratories worldwide.
We work together with OEMs, tier 1 and tier 2 suppliers, authorities, engineers, and other service providers. Our accredited and state-of-the-art network of global testing facilities meets ISO 17025 standards as well as recognized automotive standards and covers a wide range of international regulations and OEM-specific requirements for, amongst others, crash testing and endurance testing.
DEKRA has been the number one player in automotive testing and inspection of mechanical components since its founding in 1925. Our expert staff has in-depth knowledge on current automotive developments in, for example, lighting and batteries. Over the years, we have developed a comprehensive service offering for the automotive industry, including meeting e-mobility, connected car, and automated driving needs.
With our unique track record in the testing and verification of both automotive-related and mobile communication technologies, we will play a key role in defining how future modes of transport can be kept safe.

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