Management System Certification

We are one of the most experienced certification organisations in Europe and we have an excellent global reputation. As a neutral partner, we provide our audits of safety, quality and sustainability. We want to reduce the business risks of our customers and help them to become more efficient and profitable. With innovative approaches to quality assurance, we are helping to boost your performance. With our international auditor network we are everywhere on your site. No matter how big or small your business is, we share your language and business culture. You can count on a harmonised international procedure. Our auditing schemes and reports in the China do not differ from those in Europe or USA – although we naturally take each local situation into account.
At DEKRA we aim to help you achieve greater efficiency at lower cost by reducing waste and eliminating non-productive activities. Our audits are flexible, efficient and transparent and we involve you at every step, discussing our findings as they emerge.
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