Comprehensive smart home test solution

DEKRA Comprehensive Smart Home Testing Solutions
DEKRA Comprehensive Smart Home Testing Solutions

By simulating the user experience in the real environment and the key parameter indicators of IoT functions, the smart home certification level is evaluated

You finally arrived home after half an hour jamming the road just after work. Push open the door and the interior is comfortable at 25 degrees, with relaxing Bossa Nova jazz music in your ears, and the home is spotless. Step into the kitchen and browse the recommended recipes based on existing ingredients on the refrigerator panel, the dining room chandelier has been adjusted to the warm yellow light that is perfect for dining, and you hum a song and make a call into the speaker on the bar. Three dishes and one soup on the table, you say your favorite album into the remote control, see that the excitement accidentally dropped a few grains of rice, before you react, the machine butler has arranged for the sweeping robot to clean up...
Such a comfortable scenario is no longer just an imagination or a future, but are the appliances in your smart home interoperable? Will the resulting signals interfere with each other? Is the product itself safe and reliable? Is the user experience good? The most worrying thing is the security issue often discussed in Hollywood movies. As a global leader in the testing and certification industry, DEKRA proudly launched a comprehensive "comprehensive smart home test program", by simulating the user experience in the real environment and the key parameters of IoT functions, evaluating the smart home certification level, and the certified products will obtain the DEKRA certification certificate, eliminating all consumers' doubts!
Why should you choose DEKRA for the comprehensive smart home test solution?
1. Integrate global IoT standards and interoperability testing to ensure product functionality, reliability and compatibility
2. Customized and highly targeted corporate standards for you
3. DEKRA creates exclusive cybersecurity standards for the smart home industry, making consumers comfortable and at ease!
4. Highly accurate test environment at laboratory level
5. The test solution is highly scalable and compatible with different alliances and standards
6. Pay great attention to the linkage between APP and hardware devices, and the accuracy of test results is greatly improved
7. In-depth cooperation with the Spanish expert team to provide the most suitable product testing plan
8. Senior network security expert team, proficient in CC certification, FIPS 140-2 standard, penetration testing and product security assessment
DEKRA comprehensive smart home test solution service products::
Wireless router, smart TV, smart speaker, sweeping robot, machine butler, smart refrigerator, smart camera, smart door lock, smart detector, automatic feeder, smart socket, smart lighting, smart curtain... etc.
DEKRA comprehensive smart home test solution service project::
1. Wireless connection performance quality assurance
  • Wireless routers, smart products, terminal products
2.APP user experience
  • APP functionality test, APP cloud compatibility test, APP reliability test
3. Speech recognition user experience
  • Local environment speech recognition and SDK speech recognition compatibility test
4. SDK and interoperability
  • SDK instruction test, OCF ecological chain bridging test
5. Cybersecurity
6. Customized Services
7. Senior technical experts in the industry consultation
8. Product improvement suggestions
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