Consumer Products

Consumers are on the threshold of the smart home era. With smart televisions, always-online washing machines, and self-learning thermostats, people’s homes are becoming increasingly high-tech. Connected devices are communicating with each other as they share a continuous flow of data in the cloud. Ensuring devices stay safe, reliable, and trustworthy – both now and in the future – is one of the biggest challenges for manufacturers of consumer electronics, whether they are start-ups or established multinationals. The consumer electronics market continues to show steady growth, but the average unit price is on the decline as developed markets become saturated.
With the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT), regulations have become more stringent in an effort to try and minimize safety risks and protect people’s privacy. Plug & play features are of the utmost importance to encourage consumers to adopt new and innovative technologies in their homes. Concerns about privacy and security result in sluggish consumer acceptance.
At DEKRA, our testing and certification services support manufacturers in the design, configuration, operation, and maintenance of products. In addition, we stimulate standardization and conformance. As the consumer electronics and automation markets are growing, manufacturers and innovators face increasingly complex design and technology choices. Our job is to make sure your products don’t just work, but also work together with everything else.
DEKRA has well over 90 years of experience with testing and certification. Our services help appliance and components manufacturers ensure that their products comply with international regulations and standards with respect to safety and reliability. Our worldwide network of state-of-the-art laboratories and technical expertise offers opportunities to export to markets around the globe. Working with us gives you the ability to demonstrate that your products comply with the latest standards.

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