DEKRA Compliance Guideline

The Management of DEKRA and its group companies works actively to promote knowledge and awareness of the Compliance Guidelines and ensures that they are implemented on an ongoing basis.
DEKRA has set up a group-wide Compliance Organisation for this purpose, headed by the Chief Compliance Officer. The Chief Compliance Officer is responsible for developing, implementing, documenting and updating the compliance system and for monitoring it on a regular basis. Compliance with the law and observance of the Compliance Guidelines must be monitored regularly in all group companies worldwide.
DEKRA’s internal audit team conducts regular checks to ensure that the Compliance Guidelines are properly implemented across all divisions and geographic regions and to ascertain whether there is any evidence of non-compliance.
Compliance and Contact
Any employee can lodge a personal complaint, or report a suspected violation of the Compliance Guidelines, with their superior, with the Chief Compliance Officer or with another designated person or office. The matter will then be thoroughly investigated and the necessary measures will be taken as appropriate. All documents will be held in confidence.
Chief Compliance Officer – DEKRA East Asia
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