Rail Service

Rail Service

Committed to Safety & Improving Performance

DEKRA provides a professional railway certification and assessment services to support our clients to acquire the necessary "License to Operate" of products and project.
Therefore, our technical experts provide comprehensive professional services to evaluate, testing, inspection and verification the railway components, rolling stock and infrastructure for railway operators, system integrators and manufacturers. Then to support them to demonstrate that product or project meets the performance goals, safety and quality requirements.
Our services cover the entire life cycle of assets at all stages, from concept, design, manufacture, testing and system integration until into the revenue service and maintenance.
You will benefit from the expertise and experience we provide to ensure that all objectives have been fulfilled, the safety risks are properly control.
Our service:
  • Independent Safety Assessment (ISA)
  • Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V)
  • Railway Operational Approval
  • Railway Product Certification
  • Quality Management System Certification in the Rail Industry: ISO/TS 22163
  • Inspection
  • Type Test
  • Safety Integrity Level Certification (SIL)
  • ERTMS Services
  • Technical Specifications for Interoperability (TSI)
  • Condition and Performance Survey
  • Damage and Accident Investigation
  • Railway Cyber Security Management
  • Coaching and Training for Safety / RAM of Railway Systems