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DEKRA Issued IV&V Certificate to Taiwan Railways Administration

Oct 12, 2020 Digital & Product Solutions
On September 25th, professional third-party IV&V organization DEKRA issued “Design Phase Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) Certification” to Taiwan Railways Administration, approving the “Taipei Section Underground Overhead Conductor Rail Installation Construction Project” planned by Department of Electrical Engineering, TRA, has achieved initial success, finishing its design of construction, which will increase the safety of the train and its repairing efficiency. Stan Zurkiewicz, Executive Vice President DEKRA, attended this ceremony and issued the certificate to Chief of TRA Department of Electrical Engineering Mr. Chen, Vice President of Sinotech Engineering Consultants Inc Mr. Lin and Technical Manager Mr. Zeng, and Senior Assistant President of Shihlin Electric Mr. Wu.
“This project, is of great importance to Taipei City, TRA, SinoTech, Shihlin Electric and to DEKRA. This route passes through the entire Taipei City to Banqiao, New Taipei, the busiest section in Taiwan Railway network. I am honored to be able to issue a design phase IV&V certificate to TRA today, which symbolizes that the project has completed an important milestone, and I wish this project can be executed smoothly and with great success!” said Stan Zurkiewicz, Executive Vice President DEKRA. Gary Tsui, the director of Rail Service of DEKRA Taiwan emphasized, this construction will increase the performance and safety of railway system simultaneously, providing better driving experience to passengers, and it’s indeed DEKRA’s pleasure to contribute profession and capabilities to Taiwan’s first underground overhead conductor rail installation construction project.
Since the “electrification of railway” in 1997, until now, the tunnels in Taipei have been old and need to be renovated. Broken wires and devices are the problems that occurred mostly, which will cause the stop of the power supply and influence the operation of the train. For reducing its rate and raising the reliability of devices, it’s the first time that TRA changes the underground contact wire to contact rails. The range of this project is between Xike railway station to Fuzhou railway station, one of the most popular railway route in Taiwan.
For matching international standards IEC 62278/EN 50126, domestic regulations and technical standards, TRA entrusted world-renowned independent third-party testing and certification organization DEKRA to conduct independent and fair verification and validation, to ensure TRA could fulfill its project goals.
Once this construction is finished, it will increase a lot of the stability of TRA system and its repairing efficiency, also decrease the traveling time of long distance trips, offering safer and more reliable service to passengers of TRA.
  • This ceremony was done according to the Taiwanese COVID-19 regulations.