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DEKRA Contributes to the Success of the Test of First Hydrogen Train in the Netherlands

Mar 27, 2020 Digital & Product Solutions

DEKRA Provides Comprehensive Railway Testing, Verification and Certification Solutions

On March 6th, train manufacturer Alstom announced that the first hydrogen train in the Netherlands - Coradia iLint completed tests successfully, and the leader of the tests is DEKRA. Coradia iLint is the world’s first hydrogen fuel cell passenger train takes its first steps abroad after commercial success in Germany. The test runs were implemented between Groningen and Leeuwarden for 10 days.
Various partners play a role in this project under the leadership of the province of Groningen, including supplier of hydrogen train Alstom, local operator Arriva, the Dutch railway infrastructure manager ProRail and the energy company Engie, and independent testing inspection and certification company DEKRA.
DEKRA operates as a Designated Body (DeBo) and as an Assessment Body (AsBo). In our role as DeBo, we assessed the vehicle against the Railways Act and the resulting regulations. As AsBo, we assess whether the safety of the train has been properly demonstrated. During the test runs, the fuel consumption, refueling and whether the train can run according to the timetable are examined.
DEKRA: All-round Player in the Field of Innovative Mobility
The use of hydrogen in mobility is taking off. It is one of the great innovative developments that we see today. In addition to the projects in which the DEKRA Rail team contributes to innovation, DEKRA also looks at innovation in transport in a broader context. From the history in the automotive sector, DEKRA conducts tests with various self-driving vehicles, but also the safety and performance of connectivity and cyber security for vehicles is taken into account. DEKRA has a worldwide network of test laboratories and a number of outdoor test tracks, such as the Connected Car test area in Malaga. The involvement in the hydrogen train fits in with DEKRA's ambition to be an all-round player in the field of innovative mobility.
DEKRA Taiwan Provides Comprehensive Railway Testing, Verification and Certification Solutions
“DEKRA has involved and made a lot of research investment in all the fields of innovative mobility, such as autonomous driving system, EV, hybrid system, hydrogen fuel system. DEKRA integrates the experts from each field and provides client more professional and one of a kind services, ensure the safety of using transportations. DEKRA believes that safety is the core need of everyone.” said Gary Tsui, the director of Rail Service of DEKRA Taiwan.
He emphasizes, DEKRA has more than 90 years’ professional railway evaluation, verification and certification experience, also exclusive rail laboratories, in addition, is supported by the analytical technique of a variety of industrial laboratories. It provides testing, verification and certification service of railway, high speed rail, light rail transit, and subway, and has accreditations from many countries. The Rail Service of DEKRA Taiwan provides Taiwanese clients solutions that fits their needs, and assist clients with establishing the rail facilities which satisfy their business and safety needs.