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DEKRA Provides Full Support to ICT Grand Event Keysight World

Aug 12, 2020 Digital & Product Solutions

Insight into V2X Communication Technologies and Crucial Testing Solutions

As one of grand events of ICT industry in Taiwan, Keysight World 2020 was held in August 6th in Taipei Marriott Hotel, around 1,000 audience participated in the event. Except for the lectures given by experts, there were a series of exhibitions as well, such as 5G, IoT, Automotive, High Speed Digital, Advanced Measurements, presenting the solutions of each key technology. DEKRA was invited to give a lecture as the only guest speaker in the Automotive session. Bruce Shiau, the Senior Director of Technical Division EMC/RF, Chief Engineer Office, Product Testing and Certification, DEKRA East & South Asia shared the “Insight into V2X Communication Technologies and Crucial Testing Solutions” with audience."
In the beginning, Bruce introduced briefly about the service scope of DEKRA group and DEKRA Taiwan. “DEKRA Taiwan provides one-stop testing and certification service of products. It starts from the safety testing of product design, like electrical safety, functional safety, reliability and failure analysis, following the EMC/RF and wireless testing such as conformance testing, interoperability testing, carrier acceptance testing. Then we will assist clients in gaining certifications from different countries, at last we provide international market access service.” Soon afterwards, Bruce began his lecture with 5G that enhances the development of V2X, analyzed the specifications of Release 15 and Release 16, even mentioned the Release 17 which will be delayed to 2022 due to the pandemic.
“Autonomous driving offers increased safety, increased fuel efficiency and better driving experience.” Bruce said, SAE defined autonomous driving to 6 levels (from L0 to L5), at the moment DEKRA offers comprehensive testing of automated driving and connected driving, the former will only be done in the testing track, while the latter in the laboratory.
About V2X technologies, Bruce started with its evolution, he said, at first, there was eCall system, then DSRC-WAVE/ITS-G5 were established, in 2017, C-V2X was released, in the end of 2018, 5G wireless technologies enhanced autonomous driving substantially. “DSRC and C-V2X are two major V2X communication technologies currently, DSRC is based on IEEE 802.11p, while C-V2X is based on 3GPP LTE and the specifications of later versions.” Said Bruce.
Bruce also pointed out the requirements of testing and certification of V2X and connected driving, for instance, OMNIAIR, DSRC-WAVE, ITS-G5, IEEE802.11p, GCF, PTCRB, 5GAA and so on. “DEKRA V2X solutions include exclusive eCall testing in Taiwan, meanwhile, we’re also the only lab that can offer both of DSRC and C-V2X in Taiwan!” He said.
DEKRA also set up a booth in the Automotive area, exhibiting the completed testing and certification capabilities of 5G, autonomous driving, future mobility, V2X, product testing. Furthermore, DEKRA’s senior technical experts and sales team provided consult service as well, attracting several hundreds of participants to visit the booth.