“Watch out! Safety is no secret!” DEKRA Safety Caps Campaign to ensure the safety of the youngest and smallest road users.

Dec 16, 2022
This year German Trade Office Taipei held the second GTO German CSR Day at Hai-Chian Elementary School in Taichung. DEKRA was delighted to join this great event along with other 13 renowned German companies. On CSR day, DEKRA showed the children how to stay safe as a pedestrian on the roads of Taiwan. We also distributed signal-red safety caps to school children to help them stand out on the road.
This year, the DEKRA campaign: “Watch out! Safety is no secret!” is to ensure the safety of the youngest and smallest road users. With this campaign, DEKRA distributes signal-red safety caps to school children again. The DEKRA safety cap is comfortable to wear, popular with kids, and – thanks to the striking color and fully reflective strips – impossible to ignore.
With its DEKRA child caps campaign, DEKRA has been working hard on promoting the safety of the roads’ youngest and smallest users since 2004. Over 3,16 million caps have been distributed to children all over the world in the context of this campaign. With the caps’ signal-red color and the retro reflective strips, DEKRA wants to ensure that the youngsters are perfectly visible to all road users. DEKRA is committed to educating children from an early age on how they should behave in traffic; whether it’s through preventative road safety measures directly in school, with the DEKRA child caps, or through road safety-related learning material.
Many road risks for children can be avoided if parents discuss and practice the relevant rules for road behavior with their children. Working on road safety behavior with a child can ensure their safe route to school as a pedestrian or on public transportation. With a strong and inspiring motto, “If you want to attract attention, you have to stand out!”, wearing DEKRA signal-red safety caps is an easy way to help you stand out on the road!
If you are interested in our DEKRA child caps campaign, you can find more information at dekra​.com/en/safety-caps/