Open Class

In today's society, product and service homogenization competition is intensifying. Among all the elements, excellent talents are the source of differentiation.As this situation, more and more companies build up the qualifications and skills of employees as a key competitive advantage.
DEKRA Academy develops a series of training courses, including public training courses and customized training courses, based on the strengths and capabilities of DEKRA's experts from a wide range of industries, and the professional knowledge and experience from the core businesses in the automotive, industrial and personnel sectors. These training course can help customers and their supply chains to enhance and develop the capabilities of their employees while creating a competitive advantage.
DEKRA China Academy fully inherits the public training courses and customized training solutions of DEKRA Germany Academy, and develop localized training courses and training solutions for Chinese companies with a global perspective. Professional training services are provided for employees in Chinese local companies, for the purpose of knowledge accumulation, competence & skill improvement and qualification certificate.