MIC revised the certification rules for low-power data communication systems in the 5GHz band

Jul 25, 2019
To revise Article 2 Paragraph 1 of item 19-3 with new certification ordinance (Category code: XA), it will replace the current Article 2 Paragraph 1 of item 19-3 (Category code: XW), Article 2 Paragraph 1 of item 19-3-2 (Category code: YW) and Article 2 Paragraph 1 of item 19-3-3 (Category code: HS).
There is an one year transition period from 11th July 2019 to enforce the revised certification rule of Article 2-1-19-3(XA) and the old certification rule of Article 2-1-19-3, Article 2-1-19-3-2 and Article 2-1-19-3-3 will no longer effective till 11th July 2020. The old certification rule certificate still valid even 12th July 2020 or later.
FrequencyTest ItemOld VersionNew Version
5GHz_W56Frequency Allocation20MHz(5.50GHz, 5.52GHz, 5.54GHz, 5.56GHz, 5.62GHz, 5.64GHz, 5.66GHz, 5.68GHz, 5.70GHz)
40MHz(5.51GHz, 5.55GHz, 5.59GHz, 5.63GHz, 5.67GHz)
80MHz(5.53GHz, 5.61GHz)
Operation frequency band extended upto 5730MHz(from 5470 to 5730MHz).
20MHz(5.50GHz, 5.52GHz, 5.54GHz, 5.56GHz, 5.62GHz, 5.64GHz, 5.66GHz, 5.68GHz, 5.70GHz, 5.72GHz)
40MHz(5.51GHz, 5.55GHz, 5.59GHz, 5.63GHz, 5.67GHz, 5.71GHz)
80MHz(5.53GHz, 5.61GHz, 5.69GHz)
5GHz_W52,W53,W56Frequency Allocation80MHz+80MHz: (5.21GHz or 5.29GHz) & (5.53GHz or 5.61GHz)80MHz+80MHz: (5.21GHz or 5.29GHz) & (5.53GHz,5.61GHz or 5.69GHz), 5.53 & 5.69GHz
5GHz_W52,W53,W56Occupied Bandwidth20MHz System:19MHz
40MHz System:38MHz
80MHz System:78MHz
160MHz System:158MHz
20MHz System:20MHz
40MHz System:40MHz
80MHz System:80MHz
160MHz System:160MHz
5GHz_W52,W53,W56Unwanted Emission Strengthrefer Article 2 paragraph 1 of item 19-3 / 19-3-2/19-3-3It integrated the out band leakage power into unwanted emission strength.
5GHz_W52,W53,W56Adjacent Channel Emitted Power20MHz System:
Fc±20MHz(±9.5MHz BW):-25dB
Fc±40MHz(±9.5MHz BW):-40dB
40MHz System:
Fc±40MHz(±19MHz BW):-25dB
Fc±80MHz(±19MHz BW):-40dB
80MHz System:
Fc±80MHz(±39MHz BW):-25dB
20MHz System:
Fc±20MHz(±10MHz BW):-25dB
Fc±40MHz(±10MHz BW):-40dB
40MHz System:
Fc±40MHz(±20MHz BW):-25dB
Fc±80MHz(±20MHz BW):-40dB
80MHz System:
Fc±80MHz(±40MHz BW):-25dB
5GHz_W52,W53,W56Transmission Burst Length4ms or less8ms or less
5GHz_W52,W53,W56Carrier Sensing FunctionLifetime of carrier sense result:4msLifetime of carrier sense result:8ms