Market Access Updates (2020.04)

Apr 01, 2020
India BIS New Guidelines for Secondary Cells and Batteries
The implementation date of the revised standards: September 30th, 2020 (Originally on March 30th, 2020, but it was delayed.)
1. On March 11, 2019, India BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) released guidelines for Implementation of Revised Standards IS 16046 (Part 1): 2018/IEC 62133-1: 2017 and IS 16046 (Part 2): 2018/ IEC 62133-2: 2017 superseding IS 16046:2015/ IEC 62133: 2012 - Secondary cells and batteries containing alkaline or other non-acid electrolytes.
Major changes:
IS 16046 (Part 1): 2018/ IEC 62133-1: 2017
a. Part 1 Nickel Systems: separation of lithium systems into a separate part
b. inclusion of button/coin cell requirements.
IS 16046 (Part 2): 2018/ IEC 62133-2:2017
a. Part 2 Lithium Systems: separation of nickel systems into a separate part
b. inclusion of button/coin cell requirements.
c. update of assembly of cells into batteries (5.6)
d. mechanical tests (vibration -, shock -
2. The last date for implementation of the revised Standards is extended to September 30, 2020. after which the old Standard IS 16046:2015/IEC 62133: 2012 shall stand withdrawn.
Peru MTC Updates to Approval of Mobile Terminal Equipment
Peru MTC (Ministry of Transport and Communications) released D.S. N° 038-2019-MTC on 23 December 2019 to modify D.S. N° 019-2019-MTC, new technical standard for Mobile Terminal Equipment, dated 12 June 2019.
Major changes:
1. D.S. N° 019-2019-MTC dated 12 June 2019 will be in force after 5 April 2020, and certified mobile terminal equpment may be revoked because not supporting SISMATE or not providing valid TAC certificate, and need to re-apply approval to comply to latest requirements.
2. Defined MOBILE TERMINAL EQUIPMENT, equipment that has an IMEI through which it has the ability to connect with the networks of the operating companies, to access mobile public services. Laptops/tablets with WWAN module installed, IoTand M2M devices are included in the definition of Mobile Terminal Equipment.
3. SAR reports/documents are required for Mobile Terminal Equipment operating with contact to or close to the user's body,while applying approval.
4. Pursuant to Article 14.2 of the D.S. 001_2006_MTC, TAC issued by GSMA corresponding to correct Brand and Model to verify IMEI is required when applying approval for Mobile Terminal Equipment.
5. Defined CELL PHONE, portable mobile terminal equipment that allows at least receiving and making phone calls through the mobile phone network, including smartphones and excluding smart watches.
6. Manufacturer should prove that a Cell Phone has the functionality of Cell Broadcast, which allows it to be configured with the parameters of the SISMATE.
Chile SUBTEL Updates Type Approval Document Requirement
1. The approval of a final product can no longer be obtained through its module, so Test Reports, images or declaration letters of the modules will not be accepted. Test Report of the product must be presented with the corresponding Model that you want to certify with all the documentation that has been required so far.
2. New requirements are power density measurements, SAR report or RF exposure results to the human body of equipment.