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FCC Opens 6GHz Band to Wi-Fi 6E & 5G NR-U Uses (Updates on May 26th)

May 26, 2020 Digital & Product Solutions

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[Updates on May 26th] FCC announced on Federal Register on May 26th, that if there’s no objections, the following announcement will be valid from July 27th.
FCC (Federal Communications Commission) released the FCC 20-51 Report and Order on April 24th, which announced the opening of 4 sub-bands of 6GHz Band: U-NII-5, U-NII-6, U-NII-7, U-NII-8, in total 1,200 MHz spectrum resources, to offer higher data transmission speed. It’s expected that IEEE 802.11ax/Wi-Fi 6E and 5G NR-U (5G NR in Unlicensed Spectrum) products would benefit from it.
This year, FCC has not only opened 6GHz bands but also released 20 MHz spectrum resources of 5.9GHz Band for C-V2X technology, the complete frequency band is as follows:
The products defined as Standard-Power AP in the newly opened 6GHz Bands are not merely limited to be operated and used in U-NII-5 (5.925-6.425 GHz) and U-NII-7 (6.525-6.875 GHz) bands, but need to support the Automated Frequency Coordination (AFC) to avoid the harmful interference to licensed services as well. The form of spectrum plan and power regulations is as above.
As a world prestigious third-party testing and certification organization as well as a Wi-Fi ATL, recently DEKRA has also accomplished the deployment of 5G testing environment, providing the testing of two major V2X communication technologies DSRC and C-V2X exclusively in Taiwan. DEKRA offers the most professional and comprehensive Wi-Fi Testing and Certification Service, 5G One-Stop Testing and Certification Solutions and C-V2X Testing, and will support our clients to not only stand firm but also ride the 5G wave!