E-Lead Electronic receives DEKRA Taiwan ASPICE CL2 certificate

Apr 07, 2022
DEKRA Taiwan issued an Automotive SPICE CL2 certificate to E-Lead Electronic, a leading company in the electronic field. The certification epitomizes the recognition of E-Lead’s software development and quality control that has been hailed as beyond the global level. E-Lead is ahead of the curve as the first head-up display (HUD) provider certified by ASPICE CL2.
The Automotive SPICE certification consists of five capability levels from L1 to the premium L5. A car manufacturer may require different levels specific to individual projects, but the requirements for L2 (Managed) and L3 (Established) are the most common. Besides, the review was led by Ganesh Kumar, DEKRA ASPICE & Functional Safety Principal Consultant, who has had 20 years of experience in software development, accompanied by an expert team: Kevin Huang, DEKRA Global Functional Safety and Cyber Security Manager, and Tai-You Tsou, DEKRA ASPICE Assessor. E-Lead’s WHUD was put under review for ASPICE VDA scope. The team verified and certified that the product has stood alongside and beyond the industry standards in terms of system development, software design, and management level. Accordingly, E-Lead became the first provider in Taiwan who received the DEKRA ASPICE LC2 certificate upon official approval.
At the certificate awarding ceremony, Mr. Hsi-Hsun Chen, Chairman of E-Lead Electronic, received the first ASPICE CL2 certificate from Dr. Kilian Aviles, Senior Vice President of DEKRA Asia Pacific and Managing Director of Taiwan. Mr. Daniel Lee, General Manager of DEKRA Taiwan Product Testing Operations, and Mr. Kevin Huang, Manager of Global Functional Safety attended the ceremony. Mr. Gerhard Rieger, Senior Vice President of DEKRA Global Functional Safety and Mr. Ganesh Kumar, DEKRA ASPICE & Functional Safety Principal Consultant also participated in this ceremony online and delivered their congratulations.
Dr. Kilian Aviles, Senior Vice President of DEKRA Asia Pacific and Managing Director of Taiwan, stated that in the era of 5G, automobiles will be equipped with more functions, from the communication between humans and vehicles, vehicles and vehicles, even expanding to the communication between vehicles and the surrounding infrastructure. Therefore, the quality of automotive products will only be set increasingly higher in the future. ASPICE is committed to elevating the project quality and procedures of product development, as the foundation of entering the automotive market and adopting ISO 26262 functional safety standard for suppliers. This can further explain the reason that currently many European and American car manufacturers see ASPICE as one of the key indicators when assessing suppliers’ capability for project development. If suppliers can satisfy the requirements for quality, safety, and information security from car manufacturers, they are more likely to secure the ticket to the era of smart mobility.
Mr. Hsi-Hsun Chen, Chairman of E-Lead Electronic expressed that obtaining ASPICE certification from DEKRA Chief Assessor is an important milestone. E-Lead Electronic not only proves its enhanced development capability and quality control in the head-up display, but also perfects itself as a Tier 1 supplier, making it far more qualified to connect with European, American, and Japanese car manufacturers. Undergoing several years of transformation, E-Lead’s flagship product turned from in-vehicle multimedia solutions to HUD. At present, HUD has become the major source of the company’s revenue, and continues to grow rapidly. E-Lead Electronic will expand its touch on both products and clients, leverage the edges and the technological advantages it has developed as OE Tier 1, and bolster the benefits of its operation.
Automotive SPICE stands for Automotive Software Process Improvement and Capability Determination. It is a model framework for assessing the R&D capability of software development teams in the automotive industry, developed within the ISO/IEC standards. Automotive SPICE assesses the development process of an automotive embedded software system based on the Automotive SPICE PAM/PRM model. It can be used to verify the initial tag bits and goals of internal process improvement in an R&D sector to deliver guidelines for the high-level software development process. Automotive SPICE is now globally recognized as the most valued certificate for software development.
As a world-class testing and certification service organization, DEKRA strives to offer one-stop service where clients in the automotive supply chain are able to enjoy integrated solutions, including ISO 26262/ IEC 61508 functional safety, ISO/SAE 21434 / SAE J3061 road vehicles – cybersecurity, ISO 27001 / TISAX standards for information security assessment and Automotive SPICE, a capability maturity model for software. The mission is to help steer clients’ transformation upgrades and sustainable development of the automotive industry.