Press Release

DEKRA Provides the 5G Testing and Certification Value-added Solutions to the ICT Supply Chain

Apr 28, 2020 Digital & Product Solutions

DEKRA Launches the 5G Testing & Certification Value-added Solutions For IoT, V2X & Network Communication Products

Way ahead of its competitors in Taiwan, prestigious international testing and certification organization DEKRA launches the 5G testing and certification value-added solutions to the ICT supply chain, with the service scopes including wafers, components, modules, terminal equipment and products, providing TIC services for IoT, V2X and network communication products. Furthermore, DEKRA also recruited experienced technical experts, to assist clients in modifying the software of prototypes according to both of the carrier certification and the certificate of 3GPP standards, speeding up the market access and reducing the total cost, as well as seizing the tremendous business opportunities in the age of 5G.
Devoted to 5G Wireless Communication Testing
Reduced the Risk by Investing Instruments from 3 Continents
“5G supports a wide variety of applications, and the wireless communication is the key technique of 5G application development. Ahead of our competitors, DEKRA provides not only testing service and reports, but comprehensive solutions that across the upstream, midstream and downstream to ICT supply chain. This one-stop service includes the TIC service, international market access, expert consultations, failure analysis, improvement suggestions, and we’re here to help our clients with industrial upgrading and increase the market share in the 5G market!” said Elvis Chen, Senior Director of Connectivity Test Department at DEKRA Taiwan. He said, the 5G testing and certification service DEKRA offers includes mandatory regulatory testing for FCC, CE, ISED, NCC, conformance testing for PTCRB, GCF, DSRC ,C-V2X testing , and testing for eCall and upcoming NGeCall device which is in force by EU for all new cars sold within the EU.
Since it is still early stage of 5G chips and module development, it is often to see the incompatibility to one or several testing instruments, for reducing the risks and providing flexibility of test solutions, DEKRA made huge investment for the testing instruments from 3 of largest suppliers: Rohde & Schwarz from Germany, Keysight from USA, and Anritsu from Japan, which is unmatchable in whole Taiwan.
Marked the Milestone of V2X Testing and Offering the Only eCall Testing in Taiwan
Established as Deutsche Kraftfahrzeug-Überwachungs-Verein (German Motor Vehicle Inspection Association) with almost one century history, DEKRA becomes the world’s largest vehicle inspection organization. In recent 10 years, DEKRA has transcended to wireless testing realm, with its core business including V2X, IoT, network communication products. The 5G investment DEKRA group made recently in Taiwan focused in V2X that covers the exclusive testing of eCall emergency calling service and its next generation NGeCall that based on LTE and 5G, to test the chips, modules, components and telematics boxes.
DEKRA also purchased the testing instruments for two largest communication V2X technologies DSRC and C-V2X, which enhance DEKRA the first third party testing organization that involved in C-V2X. “DEKRA is originated in vehicle inspections, it’s our pleasure to release the exclusive eCall and NGeCall testing service, and meanwhile provide the testing for DSRC and C-V2X. With the global big data and abundant experience in 6 continents in the world, we’re proud to offer this 5G V2X value-added testing and certification solutions, and mark a milestone for V2X testing in Taiwan! ” said Kilian Avilés, the Senior Vice President and Managing Director of Taiwan at DEKRA East & South Asia.