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DEKRA Invited to Share the Insight into V2X Communication Technologies and Crucial Testing Solutions on Keysight World 2020 Forum

Jun 20, 2020 Digital & Product Solutions

DEKRA will Introduce DSRC & C-V2X and its Testing and Certification Solutions

In recent years, DEKRA group focuses on the V2X testing services. Thus, it has increased the investment to Taiwan, which has rapid growth in automotive electronics, IoV and V2X industries. This year, it launched the eCall testing service, which is provided only by DEKRA in Taiwan, and its laboratories also provide the testing of DSRC and C-V2X exclusively in Taiwan. Recently, Bruce Shiau, the Senior Director of Technical Division EMC/RF, Chief Engineer Office, Product Testing and Certification, DEKRA East & South Asia was invited by USA instrument supplier Keysight, to become the only guest speaker in the Automotive session of Keysight World 2020 Taipei, which will be held on August 6th in Marriot Taipei. During the session, Bruce will share with the audience about the “Insight into V2X Communication Technologies and Crucial Testing Solutions.
5G network has been widely deployed, and its high bandwidth and low latency will speed up the commercialization of V2X. Communication technologies are the crucial core technologies of the V2X, in this session, DEKRA will introduce 2 major V2X communication technologies DSRC & C-V2X in simple terms, and assist the audience in viewing the V2X testing and certification requirements.
As the world’s largest vehicle testing and inspection organization, DEKRA provides leading V2X testing and certification service as well, which not only covers from the initial research, development, design, testing and certification to the post-market testing and inspection service, but sets up complex driving scenarios. Meanwhile, despite its expertise is widely recognized, DEKRA still strongly focuses on research, technology development and innovation in global markets. In addition, DEKRA’s modern test labs and professional experts also play important role, to help clients to fulfill dynamic market demands.
The first Keysight World forum was held in Tokyo in 2017. In 2019, Keysight hosted 10 forums in USA, Shanghai, Taipei, Tokyo, Malaysia, Singapore, Bangkok, Seoul, Bengaluru, New Delhi, with more than 17,000 participants. Keysight World 2020 F2F events will take place in Taipei and Shanghai, and the online forum will be held in other 7 international cities in the world.