Post-event News

DEKRA Invited to Give Lectures at 2020 Lenovo Standard and Certification Supplier Conference

Sep 29, 2020 Digital & Product Solutions
On September 21st, 2020 Lenovo Standard and Certification Supplier Conference was held and rounded off. As Lenovo’s long-term strategic partner, global leading TIC organization DEKRA was invited to give lectures. 3 DEKRA’s senior technical experts, Eric Yu, General Manager of Wireless Performance, Grace Wu, director of Global Market Access department, and James Lee, senior manager of Technical Division EMC/RF, Chief Engineer Office, gave lectures to near 300 participants that came from Lenovo and more than 100 Lenovo’s suppliers. Topics included Best Practice - International Approvals, 5G Standards and Regulations, and Product Assurance for IoT/Wearables.
Grace Wu answered the frequent questions of global market access for specific countries such as UK, Chile, Brazil, Mexico, India, UAE, and also analyzed the regulations and requirements of wireless charger in major markets around the world. James Lee shared 5G technology updates, FCC and CE regulation and measurement, and OTA upgrades for 5G. Eric Yu illustrated DEKRA’s one-stop testing and certification solutions of IoT/Wearables products, which covers regulatory compliance, reliability and life cycle, failure analysis, and user experience.
As a strategic partner to Lenovo, DEKRA continues supporting Lenovo to produce high-quality products, providing Lenovo and its multiple suppliers most advanced testing and certification and global market access services. Furthermore, DEKRA and Lenovo have also been developing customized product certification standards and process together to assist Lenovo in increasing its competitiveness in the market and creating better user experience.
Since 2015, Lenovo held Lenovo Standard and Certification Supplier Conference every year for its suppliers of components, material and finished products. Although this year it was held in both online and offline ways, it still attracted lots of suppliers, including leading companies like Intel, Micron, BOE, and Foxconn. This conference focused on SCIP Database, VOC, Green Design, and Cybersecurity, and also invited lecturers from DEKRA to share global market access, 5G standards, IoT product requirements, expecting to build a green, compliant, sustainable Lenovo supply chain and support the standardization and ecologization within ICT industry.