DEKRA Establishes the First EMI Absorber Automatic Storage Anechoic Chamber, Improving EMC Service

Dec 28, 2021
DEKRA established Taiwan’s first high frequency EMI noise absorber automatic storage anechoic chamber, which only needs 1 minute and 40 seconds to complete the automatic deployment and storage of the high frequency EMI absorber
In order to improve service, the global testing certification institution, DEKRA, established Taiwan’s first high frequency EMI noise absorber automatic storage anechoic chamber. Breaking from traditional manual placement, the site can be automatically controlled like a stage and the high frequency EMI noise absorber can be elevated in 1 minute and 40 seconds. Not only can it shorten the 1 hour site configuration time, it can also reduce human errors in placement, helping customers to save time and costs and improve testing accuracy.
Kilian Avilés, Senior Vice President of DEKRA Asia Pacific and Managing Director of Taiwan, stated that with the trend of digitization, smartification, and implementation of IoT, the EMC in our environment is getting more complicated. Therefore, the need for global EMC and RF testing is reaching new heights. So, in recent years, DEKRA has been actively establishing more anechoic chambers and expanding more advanced lab equipment. DEKRA has created various anechoic chambers in Hsinchu, Huaya and Linkou, to provide customers with complete electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) testing services for electromagnetic interference (EMI) and electromagnetic susceptibility (EMS).
Daniel Lee, General Manager of DEKRA Taiwan Product Testing Operations, stated that besides creating Taiwan’s first automatic high frequency EMI noise absorber storage function for anechoic chamber, the new 10-meter anechoic chamber in Linkou is also integrated one multi-use turntable system in 3 meter and 6 meter diameter concentric circles. The turntables can be used flexibly depending on the size of the product. The testing service covers products from consumer electronics, mobile phones, computers, to large products, even servers can be tested. The chamber utilizes dual-antenna testing, which can complete horizontal and vertical polarized testing at the same time, greatly reducing testing times. Furthermore, in order to save the customer’s time and protect the products, the anechoic chambers are designed with no barriers so that trucks can drive directly into the lab to place the products, eliminating the time and trouble needed for manual transportation. Daniel Lee further emphasized that with the corporate principle of “Customer Focus”, DEKRA is continuously upgrading its lab equipment and service procedures, in order to provide the customers with more customized, professional and digitized services and testing certification service.
DEKRA 10-meter anechoic chambers are equipped with turntables which rotating satellites, dual-antenna testing and zero-barrier designs which facilitate the fast entry for customers and products
At the same time, in response to the fast development of digitized and electric vehicles, DEKRA has also established automotive electronic products EMC testing, charging station, DC and AC high current product testing. The testing can support up to 300A of high current and can be combined with the safety regulation review service provided by DEKRA. In the future, DEKRA will provide one-stop testing solutions that cover EMC, automotive electronics, RF, and 5G wireless EMC, to customers.
Since 2015, DEKRA has gradually established EMC/RF labs, wireless communication consistency labs, vehicle IoT labs, system reliability and failure analysis labs, OTA labs, etc., in Taiwan. These labs separately provide EMC/RF mandatory legal testing service, IoT wireless communication compatibility testing service for Wi-Fi, LoRa, Bluetooth and others, vehicle IoT testing services such as automotive EMC testing, military EMC testing, and testing for well-known car brands, one-stop LED, PCB, PCBA and system reliability verification and failure analysis services, and antenna performance OTA testing that complies with CTIA standards and customized Wi-Fi performance testing. Moreover, DEKRA also provides electrical safety, functional safety, railway testing certification services and international certification services.