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DEKRA East & South Asia and Southern Africa & Oceania Merged in DEKRA APAC

Feb 17, 2021 Digital & Product Solutions
From January 1st, 2021, the former DEKRA East & South Asia Region and DEKRA Southern Africa and Oceania Region are merged in DEKRA Asia Pacific (DEKRA APAC), which has over 3,500 employees. We offer a broad range of services including Product Testing, Vehicle Inspections, Consulting, Training, Claims and Expertise, Audit, and Industrial Inspections.
Stan Zurkiewicz, the vice executive president of DEKRA group, who led DEKRA East & South Asia, took on the role of Chief Operating Officer and appointment to the Management Board, from January 1st, 2021. Meanwhile, Mike Walsh, the vice executive president of DEKRA group, who led DEKRA Southern Africa and Oceania Region, led the DEKRA Asia Pacific region.
Mike Walsh joined DEKRA in 2013. Before joining DEKRA, He was the CEO of VTNZ, a vehicle inspection company of 1,000 people, operating 80 branches across New Zealand. Prior to his role at VTNZ, he worked in the oil industry for ExxonMobil for 20 years both in New Zealand and Asia.
2020 was a challenging year for everyone as we dealt with the impact of COVID-19 on both our work life and personal life. DEKRA expects 2021 will also have its challenges but we’re optimistic that with the rollout of the various vaccines across the globe the situation will improve. Furthermore, DEKRA will keep taking our corporate social responsibilities with our sincere passion and professionalism, to serve our clients and protect our colleagues.