Press release

DEKRA China Academy becomes VDA QMC China license training partner

Jun 01, 2018
The Quality Management Center of the VDA (German Association of the Automotive Industry) partners with DEKRA China Academy for license training in its China branch. For DEKRA China Academy, this is both a recognition of their quality of service as well as a challenge to continue to offer outstanding services.
German OEMs and their tier 1 and 2 suppliers provide auditing services to suppliers along the entire supply chain. Those auditors need to be trained according to the highest VDA QMC standards. An auditor is only considered qualified after certification.
Chinese OEMs and their suppliers are already adopting VDA QMC standards, tools, and operational methods. A fully certified VDA auditor provides assurance that engineers across the automotive industry are delivering optimal quality by using optimized and proven methods.
The VDA QMC China license training program includes an exam and interview component. Trainees entering the DEKRA China Academy training program must successfully complete the test before they will receive a qualification certificate. After passing an exam and interview, trainees will receive an official auditor card. After certification, a graduate will be registered as a qualified auditor in the VDA QMC global database.
DEKRA China Academy also provides VDA QMC China authorized quality management training programs including first and second party IATF 16949 auditor training, quality tools training, VDA 6.3 process audit training, VDA 6.5 product audit training, Maturity Level Assurance (MLA) for new parts training, Field Failure Analysis (FFA) training, Volkswagen CSR Formal Q compact training and more.
About VDA QMC China
The Quality Management Center (QMC) has existed for the benefit of German automotive OEMs and their suppliers since 1997. The roles and responsibilities of the QMC are varied and issues around quality management in the automotive industry occupy the organization on daily basis.
Currently, thirty working groups, comprising over 400 quality management experts delegated by automotive OEMs and suppliers, are engaged in a wide range of automotive quality management-related subjects. The QMC devises harmonized standards which are always kept up to date.
The VDA QMC China office was founded in 2006 to qualify automotive manufacturers and their supply chains. The tasks and services provided by VDA QMC China involve working on issues in automotive quality management focusing on, for example, developing systems and methods to designing future quality management systems and improving production capabilities and know how.