DEKRA accredited as V2X Testing Laboratory by Vehicle Safety Certification Center in Taiwan

Nov 02, 2023

Vehicle Safety Certification Center (VSCC) has accredited DEKRA as V2X testing laboratory in Taiwan. This accreditation not only affirms DEKRA's technical expertise and capabilities in the field of Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) but also significantly strengthens our comprehensive service portfolio in this rapidly evolving industry.

To foster the development of smart transportation and V2X communication technology, Chunghwa Telecom and the VSCC have jointly embarked on the “V2X Certification and Information Security Certificate Management Guidelines Establishment Pilot Project” under the auspices of the Ministry of Transportation and Communications in Taiwan. This initiative aims to establish a domestic certification management system for V2X communication and draft two guideline proposals for V2X certificate management. Domestic V2X laboratories and product manufacturers are encouraged to first obtain V2X certification demonstrations, thereby enhancing the technical capabilities of Taiwan's V2X industry and aligning it with international standards. Recently, Department of Technology and Information for Transportation, issued the “Voluntary V2X Product Type Certification” Demonstration Laboratory Certificate to the teams of DEKRA, acknowledging their efforts in providing intelligent V2X testing technology and services to the industry.
Eric Yu, Senior Director Connectivity of Digital & Product Solutions at DEKRA, expressed that DEKRA is extremely honored to have met the technical requirements and undergone the rigorous review of the VSCC’s "Voluntary V2X Product Type Certification Management Guidelines," becoming the first V2X testing laboratory in Taiwan. This achievement not only demonstrates DEKRA’s commitment to participating in the development of V2X technology but also its active involvement in government projects to assist the industry align with international standards, providing the domestic industry with both safe and reliable testing services. The DEKRA V2X product testing laboratory is capable of conducting relevant tests on V2X information security certificates, ensuring the certificates for terminal devices such as Roadside Unit (RSU) and Onboard Unit (OBU) comply with the relevant information security standards. This, in turn, ensures the reliability of V2X communication security while simultaneously enhancing the safety of all road users.
In the V2X demonstration project, DEKRA conducted conformity tests on Clientron Electronics' products, securing VSCC accreditation. This certification confirms that the products comply with current standards for reliability, interoperability, and performance in the V2X communication domain. Utilizing C-V2X technology, Clientron Electronics has developed a smart platform vehicle host, which provides drivers with traffic signal information and warning messages, thereby enhancing road safety.
With the rapid development of 5G and AI technologies, intelligent V2X technology is enabling more interconnected and interactive communication between vehicles-to-vehicles(V2V), vehicles-to-people(V2P), and the Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (V2I), providing drivers with smarter and more informed driving experiences. DEKRA is not only the world’s first authorized testing lab capable of providing certification and on-site testing services for OmniAir DSRC, LTE-V2X OBU, and RSU, but also a preferred partner for interoperability V2X testing with 5G Automotive Association (5GAA) and ETSI. In addition, DEKRA offers a wide range of wireless performance services, including certifications for PTCRB, GCF, CTIA, CCC, NFC, UWB, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Apple MFi, providing comprehensive and reliable support for the development of the V2X industry and meeting the diverse technological needs of customers in autonomous driving and intelligent V2X products.