CarUX Obtained DEKRA ISO 26262 Automotive Functional Safety Certificate

Mar 14, 2022
CarUX received DEKRA’s ISO 26262 Automotive Functional Safety Certificate
DEKRA issued ISO 26262 Automotive Functional Safety Certificate ASPICE certificates to CarUX, a subsidiary of Innolux, a leading TFT-LCD panel supplier.
At the online certificate awarding ceremony, Mr. Kaku Kuo and Mr. JT Lin, Co-CEO of CarUX, received the ISO 26262 Certificate from Dr. Kilian Aviles, Senior Vice President of DEKRA Asia Pacific and Managing Director of Taiwan. Mr. Daniel Lee, General Manager of DEKRA Taiwan Product Testing Operations and Mr. Kevin Huang, Manager of Global Functional Safety/Cyber-Security, who is responsible for this project both attended this ceremony online and delivered congratulations to CarUX.
Dr. Kilian Avilés, Senior Vice President of DEKRA Asia Pacific and Managing Director of Taiwan, stated that “With the increasing maturity of AI, IoT, V2X and Autonomous technology, automotive electronic products and human-machine interfaces are all moving towards intelligence and personalization. ISO 26262 is a certification standard that helps automotive electronics manufacturers improve their functional safety development capabilities.”
CarUX said“Driven by the new wave of AI, 5G and IoT, the importance of smart car panels is increasing day by day. CarUX is actively deploying in the field of smart cars, CarUX has successfully obtained the ASPICE and ISO 26262 functional safety highest level ASILD process system certification to provide advanced and better smart cars products. In the future, CarUX will follow ISO 26262 to ensure the functional safety and reliability of various intelligent vehicle products in the overall supply chain. CarUX will also work with supply chain partners to provide high-quality automotive products and drive the ecological chain of intelligent vehicle sites.”
The main purpose of ISO 26262 is to ensure that the failure of electronic parts, components and systems will not affect driving safety. The following three functional safety risks can be avoided: firstly, common failures caused by external factors such as temperature and environment; secondly, random failures caused by aging failures of hardware components, which can be avoided through quantitative calculation. Finally, the systematic failures caused by design and planning errors during development is the riskiest and most important. In order to comprehensively address these three types of functional failure risks at different levels, ISO 26262 constructs a comprehensive safety design process to ensure the functional safety of the entire safety chain.
As a global leading testing, inspection and certification organization, DEKRA offers one-stop solution for the automotive industrial supply chain, including services of EMC, RF, 5G, V2X, electrical safety, functional safety, and reliability.