AUO Obtained DEKRA ASPICE CL2 Certificate

Jun 08, 2023

DEKRA issued ASPICE CL2 certificate to AUO Corporation (AUO), a world-leading innovator in display technologies and solutions, manifesting their excellency in software development, quality control, and smart cockpit to the international standards

Automotive SPICE (Automotive Software Process Improvement and Capability Determination, referred to as ASPICE) is a standard for improving automotive software process and assessing the R&D capacity. The goal is to ensure that all parties involved in the process of the development of software and associated components adhere to the most advanced procedures so that risks can be minimized. Considered as the most valued certificate for software development in the world, Automotive SPICE is increasingly applied by a larger number of automakers and suppliers to assess the R&D capacity of a software development team.
At the certificate awarding ceremony, distinguished guests – Dr. Frank Ko, CEO and President of AUO, Stan Zurkiewicz, Chairman of the Management Board and CEO of DEKRA Group, and Mike Walsh Head of Asia Pacific – gathered together to witness this important moment. Stan Zurkiewicz, Chairman of the Management Board and CEO of DEKRA Group, said in his opening remarks, “DEKRA has been committed to working with our global customers to address challenges of digitization and promote the transformation, upgrade, and sustainable development in the automotive industry. As early as 2020, DEKRA assisted AUO to secure ISO 26262 automotive functional safety certification. Going forward, DEKRA has continued the allyship with AUO and again, AUO is celebrating another great achievement of obtaining DEKRA ASPICE CL2 certification.”
Recent years have seen the rapid development of electric vehicles and autonomous cars. Under the circumstances, AUO developed FIDM Plus that embeds cameras, IR sensors, ambient light sensors, and large touch display integrated panels. It enables functions such as the synchronization of multiscreen sharing, instant navigation, security, multimedia entertainment, interactive gaming, and video conferencing to deliver more comprehensive human-machine interaction. This time, DEKRA experts focused on the control software items of FIDM Plus for the assessment in the ASPICE VDA scope. The product is proved to reach and go beyond the industry standards in the realms of system development, software design, and management level.
“AUO has dedicated its effort to technology advancement and multi-faceted automotive display solutions for years. With AUO’s exclusive FIDM Plus integrated display solution tailored to cockpits, we not only support automotive customers in delivering a more comfortable and secure in-car experience for drivers and passengers, also showcase infinite possibilities for the future of automotive applications,” said Jim Lee, AUO Senior Director of Mobility Solution Manufacturing and Quality Center.“Coupled with DEKRA expert team’s support on ISO 26262 and ASPICE CL2 certification, AUO aims higher apart from satisfying the requirements of the automotive supply chain, while remaining abreast of international trends.”
Mr. Aaron Lee, Managing Director of DEKRA Taiwan, highlighted that there is a growing demand for ASPICE implementation across the automotive supply chain, and DEKRA houses an ASPICE and functional safety team of experts who assist the most suppliers of automakers in obtaining certification. Leaning on DEKRA’s one-stop service solution to prompt the smart transformation, clients in the automotive supply chain can benefit from DEKRA’s integrated solutions, including ISO 26262/ IEC 61508 functional safety, ISO/SAE 21434 / SAE J3061 road vehicles – cybersecurity, ISO 27001 / TISAX standards for information security assessment and Automotive SPICE, a capability maturity model for software.