Press Release

Another Win in 5G! DEKRA Taiwan Assists Global Well-known Communication Supplier with Gaining FCC and GCF Certifications

Aug 13, 2020 Digital & Product Solutions

The First High-complexity 5G Testing Case in DEKRA Group

After being approved by CTIA as a PTCRB Full Test Laboratory for 5G FR1, DEKRA Taiwan gained another win! DEKRA Taiwan assists global wireless communication products leading supplier with its 5GNR mmW/LTE CPE Router in acquiring the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) FR1, FR2, 4G LTE, Wi-Fi 6 certifications and GCF (Global Certification Forum) certification, as the final push to enter the international 5G market.
Kilian Avilés, the Senior Vice President and Managing Director of Taiwan at DEKRA East & South Asia said, DEKRA group provides the most state-of-the-art and comprehensive one-stop 5G testing and certification solutions, this project has indeed significant meaning for both of DEKRA group and DEKRA Taiwan. “We offer advanced 5G service in Asia, Europe and America, it’s our pleasure to help global well-known communication supplier to get the FCC and GCF certification. As the leading company of testing, inspection and certification, we will keep providing professional customized service for a variety of industries.” said Kilian.
“This is the first high-complexity 5G testing case in DEKRA group, and the product is also equipped with cutting edge technologies. Nevertheless, we still keep our promise of client’s deadline and fulfill their expectation of the testing quality, and gain the FCC and GCF certifications successfully, which proves the excellent ability of DEKRA Taiwan’s 5G testing and certification service. Recently, we’ve also received plenty of inquiries from prestigious companies, in the future, we will keep expanding Taiwan market and provide the more completed service with higher quality.” said Elio Sun, the General Manager, Product Testing Sales of DEKRA Taiwan.
DEKRA Taiwan’s 5G service is across the upstream, midstream and downstream in the ICT supply chain, and its comprehensive solution includes TIC service, global market access for more than 200 countries, expert consultations, failure analysis, improvement suggestions, value-added service. It also offers testing for eCall service exclusively in Taiwan. Meanwhile, DEKRA Taiwan is also the only TIC organization that offers testing of DSRC & C-V2X in Taiwan. To minimize the risk, it equipped with testing
instruments and system from different mainstream suppliers. Except for 5G solution, DEKRA Taiwan also has completed EMC/RF testing capabilities, provides testing and certification service of Wi-Fi, LoRa, Bluetooth, OTA, Electrical Safety, Functional Safety, Rail Service, the solutions of IoV, V2X, IoT, also the Global Market Access Service, and Reliability and Failure Analysis.