【2022.1.13 Webinar】Integrating Automotive Functional Safety and Security into Product Lifecycle

Jan 13, 2022
Due to the development of automotive electronics, more electronic control units (ECUs) are used in cars, causing an increase in software defects affecting automotive safety. This increase is prompting car manufacturers to pay more attention to the quality of supplier software.
In the automotive industry, software process improvements and capability determination (Automotive SPICE), functional safety (ISO 26262), and Cyber-Security (ISO 21434) are related. The certification and compliance for these will play a crucial role in the safety-, security-critical markets.
Associate of Marketing Department,
Micetek Taiwan.

Mos Lin
14:05-14:45How to Integrate Functional Safety, Automotive SPICE, and ISO 21434 into Your Product Development and Testing Process?Manager-Global Functional Safety/Cyber Security, DEKRA Testing and Certification Co., Ltd.

Kevin Huang
14:45-15:20Qualified Tools and Software for Developing Functional Safety ApplicationsSenior FAE for Arm tools, Micetek Taiwan.

Andrew Lin
15:20-16:00Achieving Functional Safety Certification in Automotive Product LifecycleSenior FAE for LDRA tools, Micetek Taiwan.

Sammy Wu

Webinar Information

  • Organizers:DEKRA / MICETEK / LDRA
  • Date: 2022.1.13 (Thu.) 14:00–16:00
  • Location:Webinar
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Lecturer Information

Kevin Huang
Manager Global Functional Safety/Cyber-Security, DEKRA Testing and Certification Co., Ltd.
Qualifications:?Functional Safety Manager/ Functional Safety Certified Engineer Development/
Functional Safety Certified Automotive Engineer/ Automotive Functional Safety Professional/
Automotive SPICE Provisional Assessor/ ISO 9001 Assessor/Functional Safety Lecturer/ Automotive SPICE Lecturer