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Statement of Chairman of the Management Board

Stefan Kölbl

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

DEKRA acts in a sustainably successful and responsible manner toward society and the environment. This also means that our corporate mission makes a positive contribution to society. Through our professional and independent expert services, our employees ensure greater safety on the road, at work and at home.

Over the last thirteen years DEKRA has seen steady growth and has evolved into one of the world’s leading partners for safety. In a complex environment, with technology changing at an ever faster pace, we are the global partner for a safe world. We support society wherever our greatest strengths and competences lie. We promote the safety of people, technology and the environment through the daily commitment of our expert organization day in, day out.

For us, safety and sustainability are inextricably linked, both within the company and externally. We guarantee safe and fair business relations, ensure minimum social and ecological standards in our value chain, and foster innovation for the safety of tomorrow. We offer attractive and secure jobs and are committed to the environment and society.

Last year we once again forged ahead in developing our sustainability management. We take guidance from the criteria of the Sustainability Code and strengthen our own individual sustainability profile. Top of the list here is our contribution to more safety throughout the world and in the future as well.


Stefan Kölbl
Chairman of the Management Board DEKRA e.V. and DEKRA SE

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