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Reducing the Risk of Costly Returns


One of the biggest challenges for retailers and wholesalers is reducing the number of returns. Through good quality control and checks on whether the product performs according to spec, the number of returns – and thus the costs of substandard quality – can be kept to a minimum.

Products and components pass through many intermediaries before the end-product is delivered to the consumer. The main risks for importers occur at these ‘transfer points’. Has the supplier understood precisely what you wanted? How safe are your agreements? Are you actually getting what you ordered? And are customers getting the product you promised to deliver? This is where DEKRA can help. Besides supply chain services we perform the following inspection services for importers around the globe:

We research the risks associated with manufacturing worldwide. You receive a report outlining all bottlenecks and risks based on our expertise, long experience – and your specific criteria.

We monitor the way your products are manufactured while a batch is being produced. This improves the quality of production processes and verifies consistent quality.

Any manufacturer can produce a perfect sample. But can they also guarantee the quality of an entire batch? We inspect end-products just before they are shipped, verifying whether they were manufactured according to specifications and checking whether they meet quality requirements.

A pre-shipment inspection is part of the product certification procedure required for specific product categories, such as Christmas Lighting, before the KEMA-KEUR or DEKRA GS approval mark can be awarded.

Our people witness the loading of products to make sure you get what you ordered.

We provide these services for a wide range of products, including household appliances, white and brown goods, power and garden tools, components and luminaries. Teams of inspectors at our offices in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Wenzhou, Shanghai, Xiamen, Ningbo and Zhongshan are available for flexible deployment throughout the manufacturing heart of China. Thanks to our local presence, we can minimise geographic, language and cultural differences.

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