The following information is required:

  • Application Form;
  • Circuit diagram;
  • English manual;
  • Nameplate;
  • List of key components and their certificates

Depending on the product type, quantity, and nature of the business, the cycle may vary widely. For example:

  • If it is a general product safety testing, usually within 4 weeks after the project to obtain test reports and certificates.
  • If only EMC test, time can be shorter, 1-2 weeks.
  • In the case of a performance test, it depends on the performance cycle requirements.
  • If the product inspection, usually 1 week.
  • If it is a chemical test, usually 1 week.
  • Various service items and certification items, the requirements vary widely. Therefore, the specific project time, subject to DEKRA quotation.

DEKRA's various business units, the service process because of the nature of the business differences, will be somewhat different.

DEKRA offers a variety of up-front coaching (covering the development of new standards for interpretation of standards, standard backgrounds and deductive training), training and free standards workshops. We also have some pre-screening services, the most prone to problems for the project to do pre-screening, pre-scan, you can choose according to the actual situation of our various corresponding services. DEKRA aims to provide a one-stop solution to help you obtain certification and market access in the shortest possible time in the most efficient manner.

DEKRA has a wide range of independent laboratories in Greater China. We have our own independent laboratories in Shanghai, Wenzhou, Suzhou, Kunshan, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Taiwan. We also have various national and international accreditation Qualification. You may visit the "About DEKRA" section of this website for accreditation. Some qualifications may not be updated, please contact our sales staff or customer service staff.

In order to support the development of green environmental protection, DEKRA generally does not provide paper version of the certificate and report.

DEKRA itself is one of the implementation of environmental protection agencies, we have a variety of environmental certification programs, you are also welcome to pursue the green footprint, to join the cause of environmental protection.

KEMA-KEUR annual fee is based on product categories and models to be charged. For details, please contact our sales staff and they will give you a detailed answer.

DEKRA offers manual certificate inquiry and verification, and some product certification provides on-line online inquiry, please visit the resource center "certificate inquiry".

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