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Notified Body for ATEX Directive

Do you want to sell your products in Europe? DEKRA is a highly respected independent Notified Body for the European Directive 94/9/EC (ATEX 95). We are able to help you in all certification matters regarding your products and determine whether they comply with the ATEX Directive. Conformity is indicated by CE Marking and gives your products direct access to the European market.

  • ATEX 95 (future ATEX 114)
    Proving that products are explosion-proof

    Manufacturers of electrical (and non-electrical) products that may be used in a hazardous environment where there is a potential risk of explosion are required to display the ATEX 95 (ATEX 114) safety certification mark to gain access to the European market.

    At DEKRA, we are second to none when it comes to knowledge about the market for explosion-proof products, so why not contact us to arrange for testing of your products against ATEX 95 (ATEX 114)? Use our expertise to reduce the risks for your company and for the people who work with your products. DEKRA is a Notified Body for the European ATEX Directive 94/9/EC. We can easily combine ATEX 95 tests with FM tests to give you access to North American markets.

    Benefits at a glance: There are more good reasons to work with DEKRA:
    • We have offices throughout the world
    • In addition to our expertise in explosion-proof products, we have a wider experience in testing electrical products
    • We can combine the ATEX 95 test with FM, QPS, IECEx, TIIS, CQST and INMETRO tests
    • We are a Notified Body for the European ATEX Directive
  • ATEX 95 Quality Systems (ATEX 114)
    Ensuring access to European markets

    ATEX 95 Quality Assurance Notification (QAN) proves that a recognised, independent party has established that both your production process and your products meet strict requirements.

    Companies that produce, import, export or assemble equipment that are used in hazardous environments where there is a risk of explosion must demonstrate compliance with the most stringent explosion-proof safety criteria.

    ATEX 95 Quality Assurance Notification (QAN) (ATEX 114) proves that a recognised, independent party has established that both your production process and your products meet strict, mandatory explosion-proof requirements. The Notification – plus the DEKRA product certificate – provides this evidence.

    Thanks to 90 years of experience in testing and certification, we have built up an excellent reputation worldwide. DEKRA has American, European and other international (government) recognition and joint venture agreements for testing explosion-proof safety. We know your field, the challenges you face, and we speak your language. And we can, of course, combine notification of your production process with compulsory testing of your products.

    With DEKRA, you are in a good position to anticipate new developments because of our close involvement in standards committees, where we use our expertise to support legislation and regulatory procedures. We are extremely thorough and completely independent.
  • ATEX 137 & Plant Safety
    Let DEKRA help you assess and mitigate the risk of explosion

    EU members are required to incorporate Directive 1999/92/EC into their national legislation. Based on our knowledge of the regulations, we can evaluate explosion safety.

    In many industrial processes, there is a risk of explosion because of the presence of dust, vapours, gases or inflammable liquids. As the plant manager, manufacturer or operator, you are required by law to assess the risk of explosion and implement adequate measures for explosion protection. To do this requires detailed knowledge of the processes, substances and apparatus involved, as well as of the applicable standards, legislation and EU directives.

    At DEKRA, we have that knowledge. For decades, we have been offering customised solutions to designers and operators of plants, as well as to equipment manufacturers, public authorities and insurance companies. Let us evaluate your explosion protection concepts and concrete measures when you are planning new installations, commissioning a new plant or carrying out acceptance tests. We can also help when you maintain or if you intend to modify or extend existing plants. Whether you work in the chemical or pharmaceutical industry, for an energy utility, in the steel or automotive industry, in food or animal feed production, or in waste management, we have experience in all of those.

    EU member states are required to incorporate Directive 1999/92/EC (ATEX 137: safety and health protection of workers potentially at risk from explosive atmospheres) into their national legislation. Based on our detailed knowledge of the relevant regulations and standards, we can help you:
    • produce explosion protection documents (e.g. according to Art. 8 of the Arboregeling of the Dutch Arbowet),
    • carry out risk assessments and hazardous area classifications (zoning),
    • evaluate existing preventive measures,
    • identify possible ignition sources, and
    • determine which measures are necessary to mitigate the harmful effects of an explosion.
    We can also carry out simulations of dust and gas explosions in industrial installations and, if an explosion has occurred, we can provide an expert opinion (investigation of the causes and determination of the necessary protection measures). Furthermore, we can provide practical advice to ensure the safe and fast restart of the affected installation and technical assistance with litigation.

Strategic Partnerships with FM and QPS

Do you want to export your products to North America? Your customers demand that your products have the correct certification mark. DEKRA has a strategic partnership with FM and QPS, enabling us to assess your products according to North American standards so that you are able to obtain the well-recognised certification marks for the USA and Canada.

  • FM Certification
    If products are intended to be used in environments where there is a potential risk of explosion and manufacturers intend to sell these products in the North American market, they must have explosion safety certification.
  • QPS Certification
    If products are intended to be used in environments where there is a potential risk of explosion and manufacturers intend to sell these products in the North American market, they must have the QPS safety certification mark. At DEKRA, we can handle the preparations for the QPS test for you.
  • QPS Inspections
    If products have the QPS certification mark, they need to be inspected periodically. DEKRA can perform the mandatory periodical inspections for you to ensure access to the US.

TIIS approval for equipment used in hazardous areas

We provide agent service for application or guidance for TIIS approval.

If you are thinking of bringing new products to Japanese markets, please take notice of local requirements. In Japan, it is legally mandated that electrical equipment used in a potentially hazardous area should be approved and certified by the national organisation TIIS, even though the equipment was already approved with another country’s certification. For more details, refer to the website of TIIS or visit our Export Support Services tool.

DEKRA can provide you good service in acquiring TIIS approval with our well-informed and experienced Japanese staff. We will assist in leading your products to and giving them competitive advantage in the Japanese “Hazardous Location” market.

DEKRA has opened an Explosion Safety office in Seoul, South Korea. With our new office, we are now in an excellent position to provide smooth access to the South Korean market, based on KCs certification. Access to this market is difficult without local representation and without the help of experts who speak Korean. Our local experts can assist you with this, also with all aspects of arranging documentation, including translations. DEKRA test reports are accepted by all three South Korean certification bodies: KGS, KTL and KOSHA.

Our new office offers an ATEX and IECEx testing and certification service, which gives you access to markets worldwide. Furthermore, we are accredited by INMETRO to provide direct access to the Brazilian market. DEKRA test reports are accepted by certification bodies in Europe, the US, Canada, Russia, etc., which ensures that you have efficient access worldwide. Because we also have an office in Japan, we can offer easy access to other Asian markets including China and Taiwan. The new office will also provide training on explosion safety and certification.

IECEx Certification Body

DEKRA is a Notified Body for the ATEX 95 Directive, and we are accredited as a Certification Body and Test Laboratory for the IECEx Scheme. This scheme promotes trade in equipment for use in explosive atmospheres. In many countries, DEKRA’s ATEX and IECEx services offer a basis for demonstrating conformity with the applicable national legislation and are recognised in this manner. So, in this sense, DEKRA provides a passport to the world, certifying that your products have built-in safeguards against the risk of causing dangerous explosions.

Providing access to markets around the globe

If electrical products are used in environments where there is a risk of explosion and are sold in international markets, the IECEx programme opens doors for trading in these products.

IECEx is a voluntary programme based on international (IEC) standards for products that are designed to be used in environments where there is a risk of explosion. The IECEx accredited Certification Bodies accept each other’s test reports, which considerably speeds up national certification.

DEKRA is as a Certification Body and Testing Laboratory for the IECEx programme, so we can handle the complete IECEx certification process, which consists of a construction assessment and/or the testing of a sample, an initial audit of the quality assurance system in place at the production location and continuous supervision of this system. DEKRA is also a Notified Body for the ATEX Directive and has cooperation agreements with international test institutes, so your products can be sold around the world.

With the IECEx programme, you save on costs related to reassessments. A relatively large number of countries do not have any national legislation concerning explosion protection, and an internationally recognised certification is required. IECEx certification provides the solution. For example, it offers direct access to Australia and New Zealand, as well as other relatively small national markets.

We can combine your IECEx certification with ATEX (Europe), FM and QPS (North America), CQST (China) and TIIS (Japan). Our project managers are experts in IECEx certification; they have thorough knowledge of the criteria and understand your products. We pay attention to time to market and you can involve us at an early stage in the development process. What’s more, we offer an extensive package of services for the testing and certification of processes and products, including those intended for use in non-hazardous areas.

Helping you demonstrate the capability of your operations

Service facilities that overhaul, repair and modify equipment used in hazardous areas help the industry save time and costs and ensure the continued safe operation of the equipment. Given the safety-critical aspects of this work, it is essential that compliance with the relevant standards, effective management and personnel competence are ensured at all times.

The IECEx 03 Certified Service Facility programme provides an international scheme for assessing and certifying Ex-related service facilities according to the strict requirements of IEC International Standards IEC 60079-14, IEC 60079-17 and IEC 60079-19.

IECEx 03 enables you to demonstrate that your workshops fulfil these requirements and that you have an effective quality management system. The scheme also helps you market your services internationally, as it is accepted by all IECEx countries. Currently, five certifiable service areas are defined:

  • Area Classification Service
  • Selection of Ex equipment and design of Ex installations
  • Ex installations and initial inspection
  • Ex inspection and maintenance
  • Repair, overhaul and reclamation of Ex equipment

In 2013, the IEC published several new IECEx Operational Documents with “rules of procedure”. Service facilities that are currently certified will be assessed on the basis of these new documents at the time of the next scheduled audit.

An IECEx 03 audit involves assessments of:

  • Your ISO 9001 quality system, based on the requirements of the IECEx 03 scheme
  • The implementation of your quality system
  • Your system for verifying the competence of personnel working on Ex equipment
  • Traceability of procedures

At DEKRA, we have almost a century of experience in the field of explosion safety. We are a Notified Body for the ATEX Directive and a Certification Body for IECEx 02, 03, 04, 05 and ExCB. We work with many standards and approval bodies and can help you export your products and services worldwide.

Certificates of Personnel Competence (CoPC) for explosive atmospheres

Effective maintenance and modification of explosion-proof equipment are critically dependent on the skills of both operational personnel and managers. Certificates of Personnel Competence (CoPCs) issued under the international IECEx 05 scheme now enable competent personnel (whether employed or self-employed) to demonstrate that they have the skills needed to safely undertake specific types of work related to Ex equipment.

An IECEx 05 CoPC issued by DEKRA shows that the certificate holder is capable of:

  • Working in the Ex industry safely
  • Conducting work on such equipment
  • Ensuring that it is operating safely and in accordance with its protection techniques

How does it work?

The IECEx 05 scheme includes assessment of training, education and work experience, as well as an exam. Personnel can be qualified for one or more units, covering basic principles, operational activities, design and audits. It includes surveillance assessments every 18 months and a full reassessment every three years. Certified personnel receive a card specifying the scope of their competencies, listed under the so-called Units of Competency. Customers and employers can verify the validity of IECEx 05 certificates here

There are clear benefits for customers, contractors and their personnel. Customers can have confidence that personnel working on equipment have the required skills. Contractors find it easier to comply with the IECEx 05 Certified Service Facilities programme, while their personnel gain confidence that they can work safely and that their skills are recognised. The CoPCs are recognised worldwide and are intended to be accepted in all IECEx participating countries as an equivalent to their national certification.


  • At DEKRA, we are one of the first certification bodies permitted to issue CoPCs
  • With almost a century of experience in the field of explosion safety and lengthy experience in personnel certification, we are in an ideal position to assess the competence of personnel working with Ex equipment

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